ACT Struggles Revisited

As mentioned  in yesterday’s post, “achievement gaps are neither new nor unique,” particularly as it relates to race and class. What’s troubling is that for more than a decade we’ve unsuccessfully aligned, boosted, and restructured standards to ensure every student exiting Metro Schools’ doors leaves with a minimum of 21 on the ACT. Unable to sleep, I googled my way down memory lane to refresh the … Continue reading ACT Struggles Revisited

ACT Scores tell solemn story for Nashville’s black students

Metro Schools’ director Dr. Shawn Joseph expressed his displeasure with the college-ready gaps represented by the 2016 ACT scores published last week.  The Tennessean’s Jason Gonzalez reported that the scores of non-economically disadvantaged black and white students were 17.9 and 22.3, respectively. Further, economically disadvantaged black students scored 16.9, while white students in the same category scored 18.5. Achievement gaps are neither new nor unique, however, it still shocks the system … Continue reading ACT Scores tell solemn story for Nashville’s black students