Victory in Silence and Darkness

DISCLAIMER: As I write, I’m suffering from the flu.  There’s an 80% percent chance I won’t remember this post. The purpose of this blog is to shine light on the awesome and provide a mic for quiet greatness- and to just be silly – my greatest character trait. Since my last post two months ago, I’ve experienced a string of crappy crap,  all while deploying a … Continue reading Victory in Silence and Darkness

Roll. Bounce… or just stand.

It was the late 80’s and Sunday nights were my time for worship.  I lived approximately 7 miles from the fellowship facility, but it seemed to be 70 miles because we had no car. I would start calling friends for a ride on Friday because I wanted to save Sunday afternoon for choosing an outfit. It was serious.  There was no place that made me feel … Continue reading Roll. Bounce… or just stand.